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PostgreSQL 9.5.0 Alpha 1

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PostgreSQL 9.5.0 Alpha 1

PostgreSQL Review:

 It was just found that the Global Development Group of PostgreSQL announced the release of its latest version 9.4.4 and with this they have claimed significant improvements that include several bug-fixes. Many reviewers find this much more compelling in terms of an open source product in direct competition to MySQL and significantly affordable compared to any other commercially available database solution.


 PostgreSQL is an object oriented relational database that is completely ACID compliant. ACID lays out the rules that make any database the most appropriate tool.
 - It supports all flavors of various platforms available in the market beginning with Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris to BSD and Unix based ones like IRIX, HP-UX, AIX et cetera.
 - It also natively supports a lot of programming language editors like C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, OBDC and many others.
 - PostgreSQL also supports most of the SQL 2008 data types including varchar, interval, date and timestamp.

 Enterprise Level Database

 The feature set for PostgreSQL are far ahead of standards set by commercial products. Some of the supported features are MVCC or Multi-Version Concurrency Control, hot/online backup, write ahead logging for fault tolerance, asynchronous replications of database, nested transactions and point time recovery. It can easily manage international character sets and is locally aware of sorting, case-sensitivity and formatting.
 - GiST that stands for Generalized Search Tree is brings advanced searching, sorting and retrieval tools including R-Tree, B+Tree. 


 The most important aspect of any database is the ability to handle huge volume of data and PostgreSQL has practically no such restrictions. The official records show that the maximum database handling capability is unrestricted with a table size uptp 32 TB, row size 1.6 TB and field size of 1GB and also the maximum size for number of rows in a table have no limits. The maximum number of columns can be either 250 or 1600 depending on the data type of these columns.

 In a recent study it was found that a PostgreSQL server can process 18,000 queries per second on a 300GB database without any issues. It has the ability to run stored procedures in more than 12 programming languages and is compatible with the standards of Oracle PLSQL. There is an inbuilt library that contains over 100 functions apart from the standard library covering basic mathematical operations to cryptography. The compatibility and flexibility are just awesome, which has made it the most popular choice amongst users as a DBMS.

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